Helping the travel industry with social distancing during the next phases of Covid-19.

by | May 12, 2020 | Travel

What a time to launch an app for tours and conferences!? But could it help with social distancing during Covid-19 emergency?

What a great time to launch a mobile app that improves on-site communication during meetings, conferences, linguistic interpretations and tours, eh? I mean, it’s about doing all the things we should be avoiding like going out in groups. But look at us, here we are, trying DisVoize at home with our family, flat mates and if we have pets, with them too!

Working on the app for a whole year and having the beta version ready right before a global pandemic was not what we planned but this is how things have tuned out, I guess. This year has been a thrilling journey exploring new programming languages, new product building frameworks and connecting with amazing people who helped us build our new digital product. When it seemed like the perfect time to start using the app we were all told to stay at home.

Ok, there is no alternative. We have to wait for normality to return to get back to our regular lives and in our case, to start using the app on-site so, may the force be with us!

“What a time to launch, eh!?” This is what a lot of people are thinking, as they were waiting for summer to launch a new project. Oh well, this is happening to many of us and here we are, going crazy inside our walls, forcing our cats and dogs to be our coffee companions and technical testers.

So wherever you are, we encourage you to try DisVoize and, if you feel like it, we invite you to leave us feedback!

DisVoize app facilitates communication between speakers and their audiences regardless of distance

DisVoize will be a useful tool to start getting together again when things get back to normal. It facilitates communication between speakers and their audiences regardless of distance. It will no longer be necessary to be all huddled together to hear clearly because we will have DisVoize at our fingertips. It will provide an improved audio experience regardless of the distance from the speaker. The app provides flexibility of movement for participants while ensuring an excellent live audio experience just using their smartphones and earphones.


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