Pricing options

In App Packages

For individuals and small volumes

Buy instantaneously credits inside the App

1 credit = 1 listener x 1 hour


10 credits pack for   1.99 €

20 credits pack for   3.99 €

40 credits pack for   7.99 €

60 credits pack for  11.99 €

80 credits pack for  14.99 €


Tailored plans for businesses and organizations

Customized pricing solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

From daily plans to subscriptions.


* Prices in App include VAT.

**  The first 15 minutes of streaming are for free.

*** No group size limitations. 

Contact us for educational and no-profit organization discounts.

We also offer:

Live technical support during live events.

Hardware systems to allow hybrid audio experiences during live events

Language interpretation services


1 How does the credit system works?

DisVoize app offers the most flexible pricing plans, designed to meet the needs of every use case of our users. Speakers can buy credits instantaneously from the App and we also offer tailored pricing solutions for businesses and organizations. Big volumes or subscriptions, of course, are more economical than the small packages available in-app.

2 Why we offer this credit system?

Whit the credit system we offer the most flexible pricing solutions and allow all users to pay just for what they need.

3 What does one credit allows?

Each credit allows the connection of 1 listener for 1 hour.

As an example, if your event has a two hours duration and your audience is composed by 30 people, you will need 60 credits to stream the audio to your public. 

4 What about the audience size?

With DisVoize you don’t have to worry about how many people can connect to the broadcast, thousands of people can connect simultaneously!

The audience size is up to you! Just make sure you have enough credits to start your streaming. As an example, you will need a minimum amount of 5 credits to host an audience of 5 people.

5 As a speaker I don't want to care about credits , what can I do?

Don’t worry about that, we also offer solutions that allow Speakers the possibility to don’t care about credits. Please contact us.

6 How can speakers can try the App?

When Speakers signup, we offer 30 free trial credits to try the App. Contact us if you need more free credits to try DisVoize.

We also include 15 free minutes in each streaming. It means that Speakers can test the App every time and use it for free during the first 15 minutes.

7 Do credits have an expiration date?

No, credits have no expiration date, you can buy credits and use them whenever you want!

8 Do listeners have to pay to use DisVoize?

No, we will never charge listeners to use the App. The price of the services is entirely paid just by the Speakers. In addition, listeners will never register to use the App, since they join the streaming always as guests.

9 What if I run an organization and I need to handle more than one Speaker accounts?

Don’t worry about that, it is possible to associate different accounts with one organization. Please Contact us in case you need to handle more the one account.

10 What does the Live technical support include?

It consists of technical help from our professionals during all the live events. It ranges from settings, trial, and live support to event data delivery.

11 What does it mean hybrid audio experience during an event?

It means that an event can be equipped with a traditional audio system, which diffuses sound through the audio speakers, and at the same time, the sound diffusion can also take place through the DisVoize app. It could be useful while streaming the event online and onsite allowing the participants to listen to the stage from everywhere.

12 What about language interpretation services?

Language interpretation services are complementary services we offer to our users. It consists of live language interpretation during presentations, conferences, meetings and so on. The service is offered by our group of professionals that collaborate with us. For more information please visit our translation services page.