The Big Picture

DisVoize is part of a silent audio sharing project created with the aim of reimagining the way we use urban spaces. All the while, taking into consideration human connection, respectful public space sharing and noise pollution.

Our experimental and innovative approach takes inspiration from activities like silent discos and silent street shows. However,  it eliminates the need for expensive equipment making it more accessible by using only smartphones, mobile applications and the internet.



The objective of the DisVoize application is to be a flexible and sustainable alternative to costly traditional audio guide hardware systems.

DisVoize is capable of transmitting voice to an unlimited number of people simultaneously without compromising on audio quality. This silent voice sharing app, is a fusion of traditional audio guide devices and new online communication technologies.

The service is available anytime, anywhere an internet connection is on hand. This high availability and ability to reduce costs make it a valuable communication tool, improving audiences’ audio experience and avoiding unnecessary noise pollution.


The Future

DisVoize, our main application, is in constant growth as we work on improving and extending its current features based on user feedback. It is just the beginning for DisVoize and its future is bright.

At the same time, our team is always expanding the possibilities of what can be created to help improve the way people communicate, explore, share and connect in cities around the world.

As an example of this, we are looking into creating complementary software to allow not only voice sharing from mobile devices. Facilitating the creation of a variety of silent sharing activities in public spaces. 


Final Note

We are a committed startup team, working on creating new technological tools to improve human connection in cities. 

Aware of the enormous possibilities, we are always open to work on new ideas and new technologies proudly being a groundbreaker in the new silent activities trend.

Please get in touch if you would like to hear more about us or if you want to join us in our adventure.