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We help you to meet the best professional language interpreter for your onsite or online event while saving time and money.

Why to choose DisVoize translation services?

Our group of professionals have committed in offer the best language services to our users. We do not see the language differences as a barrier but as a bridge. Here you will find the best language professionals for interpreting your live onsite or online events.

Our services


Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter translates what is being said during pauses in speech. While the presenter delivers the speech, the interpreter takes notes. During pauses, the interpreter delivers a translation from the notes. This method is frequently used for press conferences and small presentations.


Liaison interpreting

The interpreter translates summaries of the conversation into both working languages, without taking notes. This is usually used in professional visits or tour visits and in small meetings.

Simultaneous interpreting

It consists essentially in a  ‘live’ translation, delivered simultaneously as what is being said.  Often this method requires different interpreters who provide the interpretation in different languages. This method is usually used for medium and big conferences, congress, courser and meetings.

Video captioning

It consists of a text generation of your audio or video into the preselected language. A professional translator will work on your piece in order to deliver the best-adapted content to reach your audiences.

Our process

First contact

We will exchange basic information in order to understand how we can help you.

Understanding your project

To determine which interpreters are the perfect fit for your event.

Working on it

Once the collaboration is signed and the interpreter will work on your project.


It’s the day to go live with your language interpretation/translation!

Find out  DisVoize app as a portable language interpretation system. It will allow you to deliver innovation and the best audio quality experience in your events.