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COVID19-Support EXTENDED. We extend the free usage period of DisVoize app until June 2021. Enjoy!

Simple audio broadcasting

Improve your audience’s audio experience straight through your smartphones while maintaining interpersonal distancing during this COVID-19 emergency.

Disvoize app

Your smart tour guide app!

DisVoize is the flexible and sustainable alternative solution to traditional group tour guide systems – also called whisper systems – that are commonly used to improve communication between presenters and their audiences.

Now you can achieve the same as a traditional costly audio guide device by simply running the DisVoize app on smartphones with your audience.

The app gives tour participants the flexibility to wander at will while they enjoy the live experience, using their own smartphones and headsets.

Forget about the hassle of renting expensive equipment and focus on what you have to say. DisVoize allows you to transmit your voice to an unlimited number of people simultaneously avoiding unnecessary noise pollution and delivering a high quality audio experience anytime, anywhere.



Cloud technology

Available anytime, anywhere through mobile data and WIFI

High quality sound

Thousands of people can connect simultaneously

No extra hardware needed

Participants use their own smartphones and headsets

Unlimited range

Improved sound experience even when walking around freely

Easy access

Free to download, no registration required for guests

Cost saving

High performance for a small investment. (COVID19 Support Free of charge until June 2021)

DisVoize User Guide

It will help you to correctly run DisVoize app

Starter kit


Run DisVoize app on your smartphone

Create a channel

Connect a lavalier microphone to deliver a better audio quality

Press the start button and start your pitch!

Disvoize tour guide, whispers system app


Run DisVoize app on your smartphone

Join the channel created by the speaker

Connect a regular set of earphones

Press the start button and enjoy the show!

Ways to use disvoize

DisVoize Tourism use case


Walking tours, museum tours, bike and segway tours, bus tours, adventure tours live performances and more…


University and campus tours, indoor and outdoor classes, educational seminars, academic conferences, field trips and more…

DisVoize education use case
DisVoize business use case


Events, meetings, factory tours, language interpretation and more….