DisVoize + GEO

DisVoize + GEO

We start a collaboration with “GEO-Tag der Natur” an organization committed to sustainability and the preservation of biodiversity.

DisVoize is the new flexible and sustainable alternative solution to traditional audio broadcasting systems that are commonly used to improve communication between presenters and their audiences; and more than that.

Since the beginning of our project we strongly believed that our mission it’s also to help associations that take care of our planet and the well-being of the entire ecosystem we are part of.

For this reason, we are very happy to announce that this summer we will start a collaboration with “GEO-Tag der Natur” an organization committed to sustainability and the preservation of biodiversity.

GEO-Tag der Natur is the biggest event on biodiversity in german-speaking countries. In 2019, in pre-covid times, they ran over 400 events, with over 12000 participants and since 1999 they’ve made events with more than 225.000 participants. Many of those events consist of guided tours through biodiversity hotspots in order for participants to learn about animals, plants and mushrooms from experts in those fields. GEO-Tag der Natur is also a partner of GEO magazine that is Germany’s equivalent to “National Geographic”, and their events are advertised in the magazine.

For obvious reasons, in 2021 events have to be planned in a different format, and it’s the reason why in the last newsletters to the people involved in running those hundreds of events, it recommended new virtual and hybrid solutions that might be attractive and safe alternatives. 

Accordingly to that point of view, GEO-Tag der Natur announced that:

“We would like our GEO Nature Day events to take place again soon in the usual form with many people in one place. But we can’t plan with that at the moment. That is why today we are introducing you to an option with which tours can be planned and carried out with a large safety margin: an app that takes on the function of a tour guide system and uses our participants’ mobile phones and headphones”.

DisVoize is an app that makes it possible to stream audio from a tour guide’s cell phone to any number of participants’ cell phones. The prerequisite for this is that all participants bring (charged) mobile devices with mobile data, install the app and dial into the tour channel. 

Guided tours can then be carried out in nature almost as in the past, with the exception that no longer everyone has to crowd to snap up the explanations, but that every word can be understood from a safe distance from the speaker: in and other participants.

When using DisVoize for tours, it must be ensured that a safe distance between participants is only maintained if the speaker does not point out elements that are too small, for example being shown in hand. But this can easily be avoided if the relevant elements are marked, for example, with flags or crime scene angle rulers, so that the participants can still find and examine them when the speaker has already gone two steps further.

The use of DisVoize is free of charge for all people who will organize events with GEO-Tag der Natur association (and all participants in your tour, of course!). DisVoize and the GEO-Tag der Natur eV will cover the costs for you. 

We are really proud to support GEO-Tag der Natur and all his events during such a complicated moment and we strongly believe that thanks to our App it will be possible to continue enjoying a lot of events in a safe and new comfortable way.


Also we animate to contact GEO-Tag der Natur in case you want to set up an event with them, here you can find their web page: https://geo-tagdernatur.de/